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The Home Of Gym Couture - Independent gym and lifestyle wear.



Lift Heavy Apparel was born in 2016 as a fitness brand based in the U.K.

We set out to create a brand driven by design, and where form meets functionality.

One of the aspects that sets us aside from the rest is the ability to adapt. To create custom and short run designs when needed that suits our customer's individual style.

We Are The Home Of Gym Couture. 

All of our research, design and development takes place in the U.K. Our products are made by tried and trusted manufacturers in the U.K, U.S.A and Asia, using varying blends of materials sourced from
around the world. We go as far as needed to provide the best products at the best cost.

Despite the name, we're not all about powerlifting. Our brand can be found representing athletes in bodybuilding,
crossfit, athletics, MMA and many more. This is in addition to fitness enthusiasts and people who just want to feel as good as they look in a more unique brand than the usual.

We ship worldwide (excluding specified zones) and have ambassadors representing us from the U.S.A, U.K, Ireland and other parts of Europe. We have worked with, and supplied gear, for top athletes, mixed martial artists from the UFC and fitness models and competitors from around the world.

We are always growing, innovating and looking at new areas to work in. If our customers have any suggestions, we would love to hear them. Give us a shout at
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